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At Silverfish CSR Ltd we help businesses flourish by doing good with support on:
• Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability
• Responsible gaming
• Ethics in sports

We provide advisory services, online and in-person training as well as a number of interactive tools to help you :
• Evaluate and benchmark your organisation
• Develop an appropriate strategy
• Implement the best actions
• Measure effectiveness
Take our pre-assessment
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Define your corporate
social responsibility
in 6 steps 

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In Sport.

Our mission is to help the sports stakeholders (Ministries of Sport, International Federations, clubs, media, sports betting companies and sponsors) to have a better understanding of how to protect sport integrity:
We audit and benchmark your organisation with the ETHISPORT
matrix (500 weighted questions regarding sport integrity).
• We provide you with a detailed report and recommended actions.
• We share with you best practices and risks to be aware of.
We provide you and your team with in-person or online interactive training.

Get in touch: info@silverfish.fr

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“To ensure a fair and safe gaming experience that protects players from the adverse consequences of gaming and gambling.”

DigitalRG.net is the gambling industry’s one-stop-shop on responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility.

It aims to help the industry mitigate risks of non-compliance, increase its positive impact, understand its customers better, reduce costs and up-skill teams and partners.
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yourself on

Social responsibility.
Ethics in sport.
Responsible Gaming.
We have put together a selection of the questions that we test with our clients to give you an initial high-level view of where you fare compared with your peers. Take the test, we will get in touch to discuss the results.
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We provide you with e-learning for your teams on issues related to corporate social responsibility, ethics in sports responsible gaming and more. Our training is video based with tests and ability for you to track who has and who has not yet taken the training.
Click here to buy the training or get in touch to get your own personalised training. 
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Elearning Tools
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Mobile: +44  75 26 77 31 00

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